Dynamic Detailing
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”Starting Prices” listed below are for 2dr coupes; prices increase with size of the vehicle.


Express detail

**Excellent maintenance package or for well kept cars**

Tires/wheels thoroughly cleaned

Door jambs wiped out

Extensive & safe exterior wash and dry

Tires conditioned

3 month sealant



 Level 1

**Most popular package, especially for first-time customers””

Express Detail PLUS

Full door jamb cleaning

Full clay bar treatment to remove bonded dirt

Light enhancement polish; improves clarity, gloss, & depth

3 month sealant



**Recommended package before applying a ceramic coating**

Level 1 PLUS

Extensive two-step compound and polish

Removes 85%+ of defects like swirl marks, etching, paint transfer, and oxidation; drastic results on all painted surfaces

Polish exhaust tips

6 month sealant



All detail packages can be upgraded to longer lasting protection, including a more durable ceramic coating if desired.

Paint Correction Before and After.jpg

 Full Paint Correction

Includes a Full Level 3 Detail PLUS

A minimum of a heavy two-step correction (often more) to get the paint in as good of condition as possible using methods including wet sanding, heavy compounding, and polishing depending on the paint’s current condition.

At least a 95% correction is achieved on most vehicles, but depends on the type of surface defects present

A longer lasting ceramic coating is highly recommended after this type of in-depth work done on the paint

Pricing is dependent on paint condition to evaluate how much time-consuming polishing is needed; an in person consultation is required prior to scheduling/pricing

Interior Detailing.jpg

Add on interior detailing to any service listed above based on your car’s needs/desires

In-depth cleaning of all hard surfaces, any stains treated through various methods including steam cleaning when necessary, pet hair removal, very detailed vacuum, clean all interior windows

  • Due to the vast array of interior conditions and issues that can be present, no final price can be set for this service until the vehicle is seen and assessed.


Additional Car Detailing Services.jpg
Before and after engine detailing; removing dirt grime and grease leaving it crisp clean and conditioned.


I take the utmost care to ensure all components are kept safe and specific areas kept dry. I use cleaners, degreasers, wet towels, blowers, steam, and any other method needed to clean grease and dirt from the top surfaces under the hood. After a full cleaning, the plastics and rubber are conditioned giving it an almost new, non-greasy look; a great add-on service for anyone looking to sell their vehicle.

Motorcycle detailing; Basic bike detailing to paint correction and ceramic coatings; from street bikes, road bikes, Harley’s or cruisers.


This service is completely customized for what you want as the customer. Simply get the bike washed, or fully polish every part of it while also waxing or coating any surfaces. Price is based off of an hourly rate of $75 per hour and ranges from roughly 1-8 hours depending on the results desired and condition of the bike. (Most average bike details are 3-4 hours in length, or between $200 and $300).

Custom projects including tractors, farm equipment, track cars, and classic cars. Detailing for all your needs


There’s all kinds of stuff out there that might fall under the realm of “detailing” from old project cars to restored Porsche tractors. I’ve worked on all kinds of different projects over the years, and I’m always open and willing to talk to you about a specific project that you might have. Large jobs can be difficult due to the fact that I’m a one-man operation, but I’m always open to hearing about what you need done.

Headlight restoration; oxidized, hazy, dull and unclear lights restored to like-new condition and protected with our Shine Supply ceramic coating.


Standard headlight restoration through a light wet-sanding followed by polishing. ~$60 | Heavy wet-sanding and extensive compounding and polishing to remove heavy haze and scratches and restore clarity to very dull or yellowed headlights. ~$120 | Included in all headlight restorations is a durable ceramic coating to help protect the lenses.

IGL Coatings Wheel Ceramic Coatings: protecting wheels and making cleaning easier.

Wheel Ceramic Coating - $150+

Similar to protecting the painted surfaces of your car, wheels need protection too, quite possibly even more so due to the additional dirt and road grime that they collect. Applying a durable layer of protection with a ceramic coating will keep your wheels in the best condition possible while also making them much easier to maintain. A full cleaning and drying is done first, but if extensive polishing is needed, there is an additional charge. Prices vary based on the size and complexity; most wheels are $150 to prep and apply to all four wheel faces; more intricate designs, over-sized wheels or including the barrels will increase the price. (up to 24 months of protection)

IGL Coatings Glass Ceramic Coating; protecting windows, making them easier to clean, very hydrophobic

GLASS Ceramic COATING - $75+

Protecting and keeping your windshield in as close to "like-new" condition may be one of the most important aspects of car maintenance as improved visibility always makes for safer driving. This glass-specific coating forms a bond with your windshield or other glass surfaces that is extremely hydrophobic (water beads up very easily) allowing water to fly off at speeds as low as 30 mph. It is extremely durable and lasts at least a year, often more. $75 to clean and apply to one windshield; if other windows or sunroofs are desired, prices are based off of the number and size of the windows.