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Dynamic Detailing Mobile Detailing Van; Ceramic Coating Specialist, Paint Correction, Mobile Detailing, and Headlight Restoration

It all starteD…

…way back in 2006!! Back then, I was living in the Seattle area and started this little mobile auto detailing side venture out of an old Pontiac Grand Am and it slowly grew over the course of the next nine years but remained relatively small and simple.


In 2015 my wife and I moved our family to Bend, Oregon and I started the business all over. After pouring extensive time, energy and resources into the business and my craft and transitioning from a mobile service to a fixed location, this little solo, self-operated business flourished. It was often regarded as the premier auto detailing and ceramic coating source in Bend and Central Oregon.

Along the way we had two children and the second of which required us to move closer to a major children’s hospital for medical reasons. After much thought and deliberation, Bellingham was decided upon as our future home. Growing up in Whatcom County, having family in the area and being relatively close to Seattle, Bellingham made sense for a long-term plan for the business and family I’m excited to be able to share my skills with people in the area that I grew up in.


Over the years that I’ve been enjoying this craft, I’ve taken many training courses and invested in premium tools and products to ensure that every vehicle that I detail is treated like one of my own from the moment I start working on it until it's back in your possession. Each car goes through a multi-point inspection before it's given back to you to ensure your expectations are more than exceeded. I believe that quality should be the number one aspect of any detail I perform, and I guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with the final results.

In the detailing industry, things change and evolve quickly and it is my goal to stay on top of this curve and offer the best products, using the best tools to provide the best result possible for your vehicles. I strive to be constantly improving so you can rest assured that your car is getting the best care available. It's my goal to offer a superior service, and I believe that each day I get closer to that goal.


Take a few moments to look through the different services that I offer or browse through some of the pictures of just a few of the cars that I've detailed over the years (check out my Instagram or Facebook for my most recent work). I always look forward to interacting with customers, potential customers, or fans of detailing through your favorite social media platform or simply by calling, texting, or emailing me.

**All pictures on this site are of cars that I've personally detailed.**